7 Advantages of Using uPVC Column Pipes

7 Advantages of Using uPVC Column Pipes

Before we get into the advantages, it is important to know what uPVC column pipes are and where they are used. Sometimes simple understanding of these things helps a person in using the right product at the right place. uPVC column pipes as they are called are made up of Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and are a significant part of borewell piping systems. They are connected to submersible pump through which ground water is extracted which can be used for various utility purposes. 

A column pipe consists of inbuilt female threaded coupler and pipe. Both the ends of the coupler have threads which are used in joining the pipes. Now lets go through some basic advantages of these pipes which makes it preferred choice of farmers, borers etc for extracting the groundwater.

  • Square Threads: As they are connected the pump they are under constant pressure from the pump. To avoid slipping, these pipes have square threads which provide excellent gripping necessary for the operation.
  • Leak Proof: To further avoid leakage from the pipes, they are provided with rubber ring which ensures no scope of leakage at both the ends of the square threads (on the pipe and inside of the coupler.
  • Circlip Lock: Trubore brand has gone one step and they have provided an additional feature of Circlip lock which keeps the joint of the coupler and the pipe intact together. It bolsters its strength to handle the tork generated by the constant switching on/off of the submersible pump. 
  • Smooth inner surface: Followed by locking, the inner surface of the pipe is smooth which is an essential element for the flow of water. Th smooth bore ensures that the flow of water is without any interruptions and avoids the possibility of clogging in the system.  
  • Easy to install: Since uPVC pipes are lightweight and with the help of square threads, they are easy to install. 
  • Inert to chemicals: Earth is prone to contain various chemicals which can be corrosive in nature. As these pipes are made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride material hence it does not react with any chemical when it comes in contact. 
  • Long Life: With all the above advantages, these pipes provide a longer operational life and keeps its user stress free for a long time. 

All in all, there are many reasons why you should switch to Trubore uPVC Column Pipes. Keep looking for brands that offer the best quality products, research is important to make an informed decision.