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Types of Pipes Used in Agriculture

The use of pipes is very important in fields and thus, for agriculture. Pipes ensure the optimal use of water. Most agricultural activities require safe and effective water systems like agricultural irrigation pipes to maximize the crop yield. One other parameter that declares and validates the vital role of pipes in fields is their ability to resist drastic pressure changes.

agricultural irrigation pipes

Let us discuss some pipes manufactured in genius ways that can be used effectively in/for agriculture.

  1. Agricultural Pipes:

These pipes are made of uPVC and ace when it comes to installing a piping system that enables uninterrupted and safe propagation of water in and around the fields. Similarly, agricultural irrigation pipes promise sufficient supply of water. Their benefits include:

  • Light Weight: It isn’t a hefty task to carry around these pipes in case of amendments in your plans. Agricultural pipes and fittings are light in weight and thus, easy to move.
  • Corrosion Resistant: It is crucial to guard your crops from anything that will alter their health and quality. Likewise, it is vital that the water used passes through a rust-free system. The pipe’s ability to resist corrosion is of utmost importance which these pipes, quite conveniently, facilitate.
  1. Borewell Pipes:

Borewell pipes have withstood the test of time and pressure. These pipes are an excellent choice to draw groundwater for fields and farms. Their benefits include:

  • Constant Bore Diameter: With a constant diameter, maintenance and supervision becomes considerably less hectic. Also, this ensures a constant supply of water.
  • Saves Labour: Borewell Pipes are known for their quality, strength and durability. The installation is a quick and easy process which saves the cost of labour.
  • Handles Pressure: These pipes work their way just fine even when the pressure changes from slight to drastic. It usually consists of square threads that facilitate the same.
  1. Foamcore Pipes for Underground Drainage:

It is equally important for a field to have a reliable drainage system. Foamcore pipes are light weight pipes that have the following benefits:

  • Easy Underground Installation: While your drainage plans are full proof and intact, some minor changes are bound to happen in the course of time. To facilitate the same, it proves to be an easy task when pipes can be easily installed within a shorter period.
  • No Clogging: Smooth disposal of wastewater will gradually, and eventually, yield quality crops. Foamcore pipes and fittings are manufactured in ways that avoid clogging and hence, prevent obstruction in the flow of water.

As a result, right from irrigation to the final stages of harvesting, pipes act as a catalyst in not just one, but various agricultural processes. Turns out, pipes need to be chosen wisely and a piping system should be established smartly to ensure quality.