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Better the underground drainage pipe, Healthier the surroundings

In today’s day and age, sanitation has taken utmost priority for people around. As Indians, it is important for each of us to understand the importance of cleanliness and its good effects on our society. With this in mind, Government had launched Swachh Bharat Mission in 2014 on the birth anniversary of our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. India still has a long way to go in this mission however India is inching closer to being called a clean country day by day.

One important factor that helps in keeping any area clean is the underground drainage network. Poor the network, poorer the sanitation around which leads to poorest health conditions. Hence it is mandatory for any municipal corporation, builder, contractors etc., to ensure that the right quality pipes are installed at the right areas so that drainage is efficient.

Lets deep dive and talk about one such products which indeed helps in building an efficient underground drainage system which is Trubore Foamcore Piping System. Foamcore pipes are triple layer pipes wherein the outer and inner layer are made of PVC material, whereas the middle layer is made of specially formulated foamed PVC. The outer and inner layer provide load bearing capacity while the middle foam layer gives firmness to the overall pipe structure.

Yes, I know, the above information was a bit technical. However, it is essential for us to understand what the pipes are made of to understand its benefits. We all know as a matter of fact that underground piping systems face a lot of pressure from various things like soil pressure, roots of trees and loads from vehicles on road etc., or other heavier objects which leads to bursting of pipes. Foamcore Pipes because of the PVC material can easily manage this kind of pressure moreover the foam layer in the middle helps in smoothly absorbing the pressure.

Now lets talk about the wall thickness that these pipes come with. As all PVC underground drainage pipes, Foamcore Pipes come in 3 types of wall thickness which are SN2, SN4 and SN8 classes. A user must understand the usage of this thickness as per the area where he is going to install the pipes. Generally thicker pipes are utilised where soil exerts a lot of pressure on the pipe surfaces.

There is a lot more to talk on this and shall cover it in depth in my upcoming blogs, however for now, when you think about building an underground drainage, Think about Trubore Foamcore Piping Systems.

Foamcore Piping System – A perfect product for Underground Drainage System

We all dream of a home where we have the comforts and facilities leading to a happy and healthy life. For that an efficient drainage system is what you need, which ensures that the waste water is smoothly flown out to keep your surroundings clean. In our previous blog, we spoke about what are foamcore piping systems and the types of thickness the pipes are available in. Today, we shall tell you about the types of joints that are available along with its range.

When you are building an underground drainage network, it is essential to understand the dynamics of the area where the pipes are going to be laid. As these pipes are available in 2 types namely, rubber ring (RR) and solvent cement joints (SJ). Both joints have their own advantages. Rubber Ring is fast and demountable, whereas as Solvent Joint is permanent. Solvent Joint pipes should be used in areas where there is possibility of continuous heavy loads on the pipes.

Trubore foamcore pipes are available from 110mm to 315mm sizes. They are also provided in 2 types of lengths - 3metre and 6 metre. An underground drainage system should be built in such a way that it remains out of sight and does not emit a foul odour. Foamcore Pipes are installed in residential and commercial spaces where sewage control is vital.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of an Underground Drainage System:
  1. Lighter in weight and easy to install
    Unlike cement or cast-iron or clay drainage pipes that are too heavy to carry, Foamcore Pipes are light in weight and does not require heavy machines for installation or transportation. It takes less effort to install and at the same ensures quicker installation.
  2. Good Drainage Network
    As these pipes are made from PVC material, they are long lasting and are rust-proof. Its smooth bore allows free flow of waste water and avoids choke ups.
  3. Minimizes leakage due to lesser joints
    The length of Foamcore Pipes plays an important role in its efficiency. As we have already informed you about the length they are provided in, these pipes require lesser joints in comparison to other material drainage pipes. Fewer the number of joints, reduces the chance of leakage.
  4. Load bearing capacity:
    As by now you know that the outer and inner layer of the pipe provide load bearing capacity while the middle foam layer gives firmness to the overall pipe structure. These pipes have an inbuilt ibeam structure which comes into play when the pipe comes under heavy load stress, Foamcore pipes due to the foam layer gains the structural load shape and regains its normal shape once the load is off it.
So, the next time you’re planning to build an efficient drainage network, choose Trubore Foamcore Piping Systems for all the above right reasons.

7 Advantages of using Column Pipes

In today’s age, industrialization and rapid urbanization has resulted in global warming which in turn has led to climate change. This change has not just been seen in polar regions however it can also be seen in draught affected areas. In such times, finding the source of water becomes essential for life to progress. In such cases, Borewell/Tubewells are built to extract water from ground for usable purposes.

Trubore brings to you Borewell Piping System which comprises of Casing Pipes, Ribbed Screen pipes, Plain Screen Pipes and Column pipes. Let us first understand - column pipes in detail.
These pipes help in extracting water from the ground and are directly connected to a Submersible Pump. They are strong and durable enough to reach a maximum depth of 1450ft (45kg pressure). To efficiently handle the torque generated by the constant switching Off/On; of the submersible pump, Trubore has provided a Circlip Lock which strengthens the bond of pipe with the coupler. This circlip ring is made with stainless steel material and provides additional grip which is essential for a long life. Column Pipes are also known by 2 other names in the market - Rising Main Pipe & Submersible Delivery Pipe.

Trubore’s Product Range for Column Pipe / Rising Main Pipe / Submersible Delivery Pipe:
  • V4 Pipes: 1" - 1½"
  • Medium Duty Pipes: 1" - 4"
  • Standard Duty Pipes: 1" - 4"
  • Heavy Duty Pipes: 1¼" - 4"
  • Pipes as per IS:12818
Now let’s go through some basic advantages of Column pipes which makes it a preferred choice of farmers, borers etc for extracting groundwater.

  1. Square Threads: As these pipes are connected to the submersible pump they are under constant pressure. To avoid slippage, these pipes have square threads which provide excellent grip which is necessary for keeping the pipes together.
  2. Circlip Lock: In addition to the square threads, Trubore has gone one step ahead and have provided Circlip locking system. It provides an additional safety to the threads to handle the constant pressure generated by the switch on/off of the submersible pump. This ensures that the bond between the coupler and the pipe is everlasting.
  3. Leak Proof: To further avoid leakage from the pipes, column pipes are provided with rubber rings at both the ends of the square threads which ensure no scope of leakage
  4. Smooth inner surface: The inner surface of column pipe is smooth which ensures water flow is without any interruptions and avoids the possibility of clogging inside the system.
  5. Easy to install: Column pipes are lightweight and with the help of square threads, they are easy to install.
  6. Inert to chemicals: Earth is prone to contain various chemicals which can be corrosive in nature. As these pipes are made of Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride material, they do not react with any chemical if it comes in contact.
  7. Long Life: With all the above advantages, Column pipes provide a longer operational life and thus minimizes maintenance costs.
All in all, there are many reasons why you should switch to Trubore’s Column Pipes. Keep your eye on this spot, to know more about Trubore’s Borewell Piping Systems.

CPVC plumbing system – A modern product for the new age buildings.

World has been evolving at a fast pace and with that evolution, humans are developing technologies that last long which results in better quality of life. From ancient times till now, plumbing has been a crucial element on which civilizations have flourished. Without water, life will come to a standstill. With progress in all these years, we have evolved the use of plumbing in so many ways. From the use of copper, lead, bronze and clay piping etc., we have come to PVC piping systems.

Even in PVC piping systems, we have developed various variants which are used in different applications. Any system’s performance will be judged on its longevity and usability. Keeping this in mind Trubore pipes offers a versatile product which can be used in multiple application for usable water and that product is CPVC plumbing system.

The reason why we call it a versatile product is because it has various features that it has to offer. First of all, the name CPVC stands for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. The base element of CPVC plumbing system is PVC which after being chloritization process gets the required strength to last long. Moreover, it also gives temperature handling capacity from 0 0 C to 82 0 C as per IS standard. This temperature handling feature makes it possible to be used not just in buildings but also in industries. The CPVC material is chemical resistant which helps it to handle various corrosive materials like acids and alkalis etc.

Generally, in building applications a water geyser temperature is between 45 0 C to 75 0 C which is why CPVC pipe is an ideal product to handle hot water. When we talking about high temperatures we think about fire, so are the CPVC pipes and fittings fire resistant? The answer to this question is Yes, CPVC does not burn. Hence CPVC plumbing system is an apt product for building applications.

Trubore pipes offers CPVC plumbing pipes from sizes ½" to 10" & fittings from sizes ½" to 6". The size and thickness of the pipes and fittings to be used depend on the flow of water in the area where the product is going to be installed. These pipes and fittings are easy to install since they are joined together with the help of Solvent Cement.

Trubore CPVC plumbing systems is indeed a product of quality and trust, we shall cover more on the same in our upcoming blogs.