Right Method To Install Trubore Borewell Piping Systems

Trubore Borewell Piping Systems

Right Method To Install Trubore Borewell Piping Systems

In our previous article, we explained that a borewell piping systems consists of Casing Pipes, Ribbed Screen Pipes, Plain Screen Pipes and Column Pipes. For a better ground water extraction, a combination and right installation of all these pipes play a key role since a lot of heavy financial investment goes into it depending on the depth of bore. If a bore is not installed properly, there might be issues which will be faced over a period of time by the installer leading to major losses

In this article, we are sharing the right procedure that needs to be followed during installation of borewell pipes.

GUIDELINES FOR INSTALLATION OF SCREEN & CASING PIPE: Drill the bore of the required size & depth in the ground using the method of auger drilling/water jet boring/hydraulic rotary drilling/core drilling. During drilling, care should be taken that it is vertically straight down without any bends.

  1. To construct the borewell/tubewell, casing and screening pipes are required.
  2. Casing pipes are highly rec0ommended in the area where loose soil & silt/loose boulders stones are prevalent.
  • The first casing pipe that is to be lowered in the borewell should be fixed with end cap & plug.
  • Fit the rubber gasket properly on the space provided on the ribbed screen/casing pipes.
  • Fit “C” clamp below the bell end on the pipe and lower the assembly done with help of chain pulley block (Provide sand trap with end plug as necessary).
  • After lowering the pipe up to the clamp level, fix the rubber gasket on another pipe & tighten it gently with the lowered pipe. After tightening, use pipe/chain wrench for proper jointing, but do not overtighten.
  • Fix the next clamp with the pipe above and bell end below and connect the chain pulley with the clamp.
  • Remove the clamp of lowered pipe & start lowering further.
  • Repeat the jointing method till the required depth of borewell.
  • Centering guide to be fitted wherever necessary.
  • Fill the pebble with correct dimensions between the casing pipes and the borehole.

GUIDELINES FOR INSTALLATION OF RISING MAIN PIPE / COLUMN PIPE / SUMBERSIBLE DELIVERY PIPE: Once screen & casing pipes are installed properly, follow the below guidelines for installation of PUMP & SUBMERSIBLE DELIVERY PIPE.

  • Before starting the installation, pre-check if the submersible pump is in good working condition.
  • Join the metal adaptor with the submersible pump with the help of chain wrench.
  • Before starting the pipe assembly, clean the pipe threads with soap water to avoid forceful jointing.
  • Before joining the pipe with pump; ensure pump guard is installed properly between pipe coupler & pump metal adaptor.
  • Assemble SUBMERSIBLE DELIVERY PIPE with pump, always use strap wrench/rope for last jerk.
  • Fit the “C” clamp below coupler (at a defined location on the pipe) and lower the assembly inside the Casing pipe carefully with the help of a chain pulley.
  • Once pipe will be lowered in the borewell up to the clamp level, tighten it gently with the help of rope/strap wrench, till half of the ring gets inside the coupler.

By following the above procedure, you will successfully complete installation process of Trubore Borewell Piping System.