CPVC plumbing system – A modern product for the new age buildings

Trubore CPVC Plumbing system

World has been evolving at a fast pace and with that evolution, humans are developing technologies that last long which results in better quality of life. From ancient times till now, plumbing has been a crucial element on which civilizations have flourished. Without water, life will come to a standstill. With progress in all these years, we have evolved the use of plumbing in so many ways. From the use of copper, lead, bronze and clay piping etc., we have come to PVC piping systems.

Even in PVC piping systems, we have developed various variants which are used in different applications. Any system’s performance will be judged on its longevity and usability. Keeping this in mind Trubore pipes offers a versatile product which can be used in multiple application for usable water and that product is CPVC plumbing system.

cpvc pipes and fittings

The reason why we call it a versatile product is because it has various features that it has to offer. First of all, the name CPVC stands for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. The base element of CPVC plumbing system is PVC which after being chloritization process gets the required strength to last long. Moreover, it also gives temperature handling capacity from 0 0 C to 82 0 C as per IS standard. This temperature handling feature makes it possible to be used not just in buildings but also in industries. The CPVC material is chemical resistant which helps it to handle various corrosive materials like acids and alkalis etc.

Generally, in building applications a water geyser temperature is between 45 0 C to 75 0 C which is why CPVC pipe is an ideal product to handle hot water. When we talking about high temperatures we think about fire, so are the CPVC pipes and fittings fire resistant? The answer to this question is Yes, CPVC does not burn. Hence CPVC plumbing system is an apt product for building applications.

Trubore pipes offers CPVC plumbing pipes from sizes ½” to 10″ & fittings from sizes ½” to 6″. The size and thickness of the pipes and fittings to be used depend on the flow of water in the area where the product is going to be installed. These pipes and fittings are easy to install since they are joined together with the help of Solvent Cement.

Trubore CPVC plumbing systems is indeed a product of quality and trust, we shall cover more on the same in our upcoming blogs.