Switch to Trubore’s SWR Piping Systems for efficient drainage of waste water

Trubore SWR Piping System
Switch to Trubore’s SWR Piping Systems for efficient drainage of waste water

The method of disposing wastewater through sewerage systems has witnessed a sea change in terms of the materials and technology used. From the 1800s, authorities and local bodies in several countries stressed on the importance of having effective wastewater disposal systems to control epidemics. Chemical treatments and sedimentation systems were introduced in the late 19th century. From clay, cast iron and Orangeburg to concrete, different kinds of materials were used to manufacture sewerage pipes.

More effort was put into building SWR systems that are durable and leak-proof. The invention and emergence of PVC material has been like a major revolution in developing long-lasting and effective SWR systems. Trubore offers a wide range of SWR piping solutions as per the changing demands of the customers.

Trubore’s uPVC SWR piping systems

Trubore’s SWR pipes & fittings are made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride material and are installed for draining of wastewater from commercial as well as residential buildings to sewers. They are available in two variants of joints namely, rubber ring (RR) and solvent cement joints (SJ).  Rubber ring piping system offers leak-free performance due to their high-quality seals. They can be demounted and installed quickly. Solvent Joint pipes, on the other hand, are more permanent in nature. The wall thickness of these pipes is classified as type A and type B. Type A pipes are used for rainwater discharge and ventilation while Type B pipes are used for solid and wastewater discharge. SWR pipes made of uPVC are extremely durable and are light in weight as compared to the conventional Cast Iron pipes, making the construction of sewerage systems much faster. Moreover, it is resistant to corrosion caused due to alkaline or acidic content of water and ensures a smooth flow of water.

Why a high-quality SWR piping system is essential for the efficient disposal of wastewater

Trubore’s SWR Piping Systems are known for their high impact strength and durability which keeps the drainage system functional for a long duration without any leakages. As SWR pipes are exposed to direct sunlight, it’s very important for them to be UV resistant so that they don’t break or cause any kind of dangerous leaks. Trubore’s SWR pipes are compatible with other drainage products as they are non-reactive to most acids, alkalis, effluents, salt, and minerals. Their corrosion-resistant and rust-proof quality, ensure longer durability of the product and efficient disposal of wastewater. Apart from that, they do not support fire and provide good resistance to combustion, which is crucial for building safe drainage systems for commercial and residential projects. The smooth inner surface of SWR pipes and fittings can withstand high flow rates and due to the smooth surface, there is no scaling, depositions or choking. Trubore offers world-class seals and leak-proof joints that are much stronger than locally available seals and joints which ensure that they are installed securely.

Discarding wastewater from commercial and residential properties safely is important to maintain hygiene in our surroundings. It keeps the environment clean and thus becomes vital to promote better health within society.

Investing the right amount of thought and infrastructure on building an effective SWR system is crucial in today’s requirement. It minimises the health hazards caused due to improper wastewater management. Get in touch with us to know more about our SWR products.