uPVC Plumbing System – The ideal choice for drinking water and cold-water applications

Trubore uPVC Plumbing Systems

uPVC Plumbing System – The ideal choice for drinking water and cold-water applications

Like they say, “there are two sides to every story”, even technology and development have their own pros and cons. Mankind has leveraged the power of technology in several ways over the years, which has definitely transformed our lives in ways we could have never imagined. However, this has led to some negative consequences as well, pollution being one of them. For instance, water pollution, it has been a leading cause for various illnesses and has been a topic for concern for all of us. You may have a clean source of water, but many a times water gets contaminated unknowingly because of the material used in transfer.

In order to provide safe transfer of water, Trubore offers uPVC plumbing systems, made of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride material which is lead-free, an ideal solution for the transfer of cold water.  These pipes can withstand temperatures up to 600C and are primarily used for drinking water applications. They are primarily used for designing plumbing solutions in commercial, residential and industrial projects where cold water needs to be transported from the source of water to the desired destination.

Drinking water can get contaminated by lead due to old plumbing materials which may contain lead corrode. These pipes get easily corroded when the water has high levels of acid or low mineral content. It is said that Metal pipes and fittings contribute majorly to this type of water contamination. Trubore’s wide range of uPVC pipes and fittings are lead-free, makes them absolutely safe for transporting drinking water.

Choosing uPVC pipes of the right size and thickness is of utmost importance. The flow of water and application type must be considered before installation. Trubore offers uPVC pipes and fittings as per ASTM D 2466 & ASTM D 2467 for the size range of ½” to 6”, while they are defined as per ASTM D 1785 for pipes of the range ½” to 10”. When compared to CPVC plumbing systems, uPVC pipes are much more economical.