Agricultural Irrigation Pipes- A Boon for Farmers

Trubore Agricultural Piping Systems

Agricultural Irrigation Pipes- A Boon for Farmers

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for a majority of the Indian population. Technology has transformed Indian agriculture by addressing challenges related to the storage and distribution of water and made the lives of farmers better. Innovative plumbing solutions have created a visible change in the agricultural sector. The new-age Indian farmer is tech-savvy too and is open to adopting new technologies.

The invention of PVC pipes has transformed irrigation systems to the next level. There was a time when farmers were over-dependent on rains, but the situation has changed drastically with the advent of agricultural pipes. Putting an end to manual methods of water distribution, Agricultural Pipes have truly proven to be a boon for the farmers. Farmers face a grave issue of inaccessibility to water sources, which hampers their yield to a great extent. That’s where Agricultural Irrigation Pipes come into the picture. Trubore offers a wide range of suitable agricultural pipes for multiple agricultural purposes.

Trubore’s Agricultural Irrigation Pipes provide an ideal solution to farmers across the nation through its finest range of uPVC Pipes and Fittings. In terms of sizes, there are varied options ranging from 20mm to 400mm for pipes and 20 mm – 315 mm for fittings, depending on the application. Now Agri pipes are lead-free which means that water is transferred through the system as is from the source to the destination. The pipes are manufactured as per IS:4985 standard while fittings as per IS:7834 standard. Our superior range of Agri pipes are resistant to most of the chemicals. They undergo no scaling, making the system almost maintenance-free.

Trubore agri pipes pipes make it possible to grow cash crops and cultivate maximum yield out of the fields. The best part about this technological innovation is the pipe’s long working life which also reduces maintenance costs. Agricultural pipes can be used for water supply in the farms, different distribution schemes, and irrigation. The pipes are easy to install because of their light weight which also reduces the installation and transportation cost.

Trubore agri pipes and fittings have smooth bore ensures better flow and their corrosion-resistant property minimizes clogging. The quality of water supplied through these pipes is excellent as they are leak-proof and made with rustproof material ensuring constant and healthy water flow over its lifetime for flourishing farms.

Over the years, Trubore has helped farmers across India to ensure better yields by offering effective and innovative irrigation pipes and systems.